Once, you start your own business, there isn’t a lot of options in my opinion if you don’t have a big professional network.

Create your own project

You may not find a job as fast as you can. And once you did, it might not fill all your time. That’s why starting your own project is a good idea. Thus, you will keep learning and practicing. Don’t be worried if you don’t finish your project once you find your first client : you will be able to continue when your mission ends.

Create some Freelance profile

In order to save a lot of times, you may start storing in a file a description about yourself. Because you will have to complete your profile before being able to apply to a mission on most of website.

Here is a list of all website I used :

– hopwork

For french freelance :
404 works

Those websites aren’t magic. Don’t trust you will find a mission in few days or easily. But, it’s a good start point as it will increase a bit your SEO. Indeed, if you add your website’s URL on all of your profile, it will increase your page rank. Some people may discover your profile / website and thus maybe add it as a bookmark.

How to chose the right project

Be sure to have the required skills. Don’t waste your and their time. You don’t need to be known as some one who has not the skills or enough experience.

You have to keep in mind that the company might call you on the go. You have to be prepared : being able to introduce yourself, describe your last experiences, the kind of project you have worked on, the technologie you ‘ve used…

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