SDF project: the background

The app story

The SDF application project is a project I start from scratch. I will develop a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with Xamarin Forms.

SDF stands for “Sans Domicile Fixe” it means homeless in french. I chose this name because I will deploy the application in France first. And depends on the result, if the application can really helps the community, I may deploy it for every country I can.

I hope this application will help to fill the gap between homeless people and people who want to help their neighborhood.

Why would people being interested by the application ? Charity I guess.

Content of the app

The app will use geolocation. And nothing more sophisticated.

It will be simple: composed  5 or 6 pages.

  • The main page: the menu, composed of a profil area and some links to access to other pages
  • The location page: where you see the homeless people on a map
  • The history page: it will display the actions realized by the user
  • The help page / about page: a tutorial of the app and some other information
  • The community of the app history



First post – 2016 personnel project


This is the first post on my step aside project in 2016.

I started this project with several goals in mind. Some of them are to make my New Year’s Resolution wishes to come true. One of those resolutions was to develop an application for the community. Another one was to write some post on how I develop an app with Xamarin Forms. I was hopping to create my Xamarin Forms toolkit this year too!

I’ll try to cover several steps.

  • the design mockup
  • how I created some icon’s with Inkscape
  • the architecture of the app
  • some xamarin forms control I’ll create for the App
  • and without any doubt, other stuff

I’ll keep update this list over time.