The app story

The SDF application project is a project I start from scratch. I will develop a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with Xamarin Forms.

SDF stands for “Sans Domicile Fixe” it means homeless in french. I chose this name because I will deploy the application in France first. And depends on the result, if the application can really helps the community, I may deploy it for every country I can.

I hope this application will help to fill the gap between homeless people and people who want to help their neighborhood.

Why would people being interested by the application ? Charity I guess.

Content of the app

The app will use geolocation. And nothing more sophisticated.

It will be simple: composed  5 or 6 pages.

  • The main page: the menu, composed of a profil area and some links to access to other pages
  • The location page: where you see the homeless people on a map
  • The history page: it will display the actions realized by the user
  • The help page / about page: a tutorial of the app and some other information
  • The community of the app history



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