Android Deployment – Keystore

Sometimes, you get a headache because of deployment. In Xamarin Studio I noticed that sometimes, when I deploy my apps, the apk given doesn’t includes my last update.

The things that can help : clean bin obj folder of your solution, make a small change in any file in the Android project so It won’t use some cache file or something I don’t know.

If you encounter problem while deploying with the archive for publish process, you may prefer specify the path to your keystore and force signing in your Android project.

I you have to generate a keystone, I recommend you to use the tools build in Xamarin Studio -> Archive for publishing -> follow steps until you get the signing screen.

Here is a list of the folder used on Mac : if you are not familiar with Mac OS

/Users/UserName/Library/Developer/Xamarin/Keystore -> folder where keystone generated from the Android publishing menu inside Xamarin Studio

/Users/UserName/.local/share/Xamarin -> folder of the debug.keystore used by Xamarin. Don’t forget to add it when you request a google API key.

Other useful path to know :

/Users/UserName/Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx -> folder of Android tools like draw9patch and your Android SDK


Hardware and software for development

If you want to develop application for smartphones, you will need some hardware and software to start working.

Here is what I use to build native application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


> iMac 27″ : required to compile iOS application, enough powerful to have a VM with Windows working well
> iPod Touch 5 : try my apps on a real device at lower cost
> Galaxy Note I with a custom ROM which allows me to change the phone’s dpi and with Android 2.3 so I can still check that my apps works on old smartphone
> Nokia Lumia 930 : for Windows Phone application (and as my current phone)

Those devices allow me to test my app by myself on real devices. I feel like I develop faster by testing on a real device than the emulator because it builds faster.


> Inkscape : I love SVG as much as XAML. That’s the main reason why I create most of my assets with it.
> Mamp : Apache, Php, MySQL.
> Visual Studio Code : a light editor with Visual Studio shortcuts. I tryed it because Notepad++ isn’t available on OS X.
> Xamarin Studio : the main EDI I use.
> AppceleratorStudio for Titanium development.
> Vivaldi as my main web browser & mainly Safari to inspect my HTML elements.
> MySQL WorkBench : to modelize and manage my database.
> OneDrive : to keep some files available from everywhere.
> FileZilla : to upload my files.
> Virtual Box : to launch a Windows 10 instance so I can work on iOS and Windows Phone app with Visual Studio at the same time.

Other tools

> Balsamiq Mockup
> LinqPad
> Notepad ++